Tiers of Protection

If you’re looking for the beauty and peace of mind offered by LINE-X sprays, then the STANDARD may be the right choice. This product has impressed customers for more than 20 years, providing the functionality, durability, and affordability that we all love. Backed by a lifetime warranty and built to defend from chemicals, leaks, rust, stains, and minor impacts, this VOC-free spray is ideal for a range of daily activities.

LINE-X PRO is an advanced formula with tighter specifications to deliver added strength and durability where it is needed most. Designed to defend on any jobsite, this protective coating relies on pure polyurea technology to create an ideal finish. LINE-X PRO is rated to be 300% tougher than the industry standard spray-on bed liner.

LINE-X PREMIUM is designed to provide the same level of impact protection and aesthetic beauty, but with added protection to keep UV damage out. This spray is designed to last forever, and now you can deploy PREMIUM’s fade-resistant protection to keep it looking like new forever.

LINE-X PLATINUM is for those who like to refine their quality down to the molecular level. This top-notch coating offers maximum shine, UV protection, durability, and toughness for a finish that is ready for any extreme. If you want long-lasting vehicle protection that looks great and maintains its luster, then be sure to check out the PLATINUM lineup.

Superior Strength

No other protective coating available can deliver the same level of protection as LINE-X. Many drivers are surprised to learn that our product can withstand tensile strengths up to 6,600 pounds per square inch, providing serious protection from stretching. LINE-X sprays are also able to resist tearing forces up to 780 pounds per inch, delivering extreme support against a variety of impacts.

Defensive Results

LINE-X is made to be tough. You can rely on this spray-on bed liner to keep the bed of your truck safe from scratches, scrapes, dings, dents, gouges, and more. This polyurea coating also scored a Shore D rating, making it a very tough material to damage.

Watertight Outcomes

Our protective coatings bond at the molecular level, providing a seamless finish that keeps leaks away. Drivers in need of protection to keep their truck beds safe can benefit from LINE-X sprays because they completely prevent rust and corrosion. You can take on any challenge knowing that your vehicle will be able to stand up to the tests of oxidation and time.

If you plan on hauling paint, gasoline, cleaning agents, or any other noxious material, it can help to find a spray-on bed liner with the ability to protect from stains and corrosion. LINE-X is rated for quality protection, designed to resist staining from harsh chemicals.

Unmatched Product Longevity

One of the best reasons to consider a LINE-X liner is the fact that it is built to last. In fact, LINE-X coatings tend to outlive the vehicles they are applied to. After purchasing your spray-on bed liner, you can look forward to a lifetime of premium protection without any hassles. Simply apply a mild soap and water, and your surface is shiny and read for the next challenge.

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

If, for any reason, the quality of your LINE-X coating fails due to cracking, bubbling, or flaking, you can take your vehicle into LINE-X of Williston or any authorized dealer across the nation.

We Also Offer Industrial Coatings

LINE-X of Williston can also provide ideal protection for a variety of tools and equipment. From farms to factories, our product is rated to provide the right protection for a variety of surfaces. If you need results on-site, we can travel in order to provide fast results. This may be the perfect way to improve your equipment longevity and workplace safety!