Unlike your typical car, which relies on fenders to surround the wheel and to provide protection to the vehicle by capturing any airborne debris picked up by the road, trucks require additional coverage to account for larger tires and more rugged terrain. Many drivers invest in this truck accessory to provide improved protection for their ride, preventing a variety of dings and gouges. The right fender flare can improve the look of your vehicle, with the ability to add a variety of colors for a custom result.

Fender flares come in a number of styles, so be sure to find the right kind to meet your needs:

  • OE fender flares — Original Equipment may not consist of the original equipment from your manufacturer, but it does serve to show off the same style of your vehicle’s original flares. Drivers can find an exact fit and a seamless replacement that looks better.
  • Street flares — If you’re looking for a sleek look for your truck, street fender flares provide a smooth aesthetic in a low profile. 
  • Bolt-on fender flares — Durable and ruggedly handsome, these fender flares are bolted on for the most security. We offer a variety of bolt-style flares to create an extreme look for your truck.

Find the Right Truck Accessories

Alpine Truck Accessories and LINE-X of Williston invite you to find the right fit for your truck, whether it be sleek and aggressive or stylish and flamboyant. You can also outfit your fender flares with our protective coatings for added ruggedness.

Our shop in Williston is here to provide a full range of quality truck accessories to drivers across North Dakota and western Montana. We know how intense the weather can be around these parts, and work hard to outfit our customers with the right gear for the road.

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