When it comes to finding the best protection for your vehicle, it’s important to focus on the strength and longevity of your choice before heading to your local truck shop for service. It also pays to focus on the look and feel of your investment, as this product will contribute to your daily driving experience. Many drivers across North Dakota find that a spray-on liner is the best answer for protecting their ride for the miles to come. One key product that has changed the game of coating applications is LINE-X. This proprietary polyurea coating has been getting better and better over the last 25 years, delivering unsurpassed protection for all applicable surfaces. Drivers report the highest levels of satisfaction with LINE-X paints, citing its value to be well worth the initial cost.

Drivers looking for LINE-X services in Williston and beyond can benefit from stopping by our local truck shop. Alpine Truck Accessories is here to serve as your trusted resource for all of the accessories, add-ons, and improvements you need to equip your ride for any challenges. Today, we’ll highlight the differences between standard paint, powder coating, and our LINE-X sprays. If you’re ready to take advantage of the best protection in the industry, be sure to stop by our truck shop in Williston for quality results!

Vehicle Exterior Finishes

All three vehicle coating applications are intended to provide a range of protection, with acrylic paint being the standard for most cars nationwide. Comprised of a two-part enamel, paint is laid in a very thin manner to provide the most basic level of protection. Unlike other options you have available to you, this material is not made to last a lifetime.

Powder coating is one modern spray-on liner that does not require the liquidity of paint. As long as a surface can hold an electrostatic charge, it can be powder coating for durable, economical protection. Once the powder is applied, it is cured with heat for a strong bond.

LINE-X products are different from the ground up. This thin-build spray has been tested to stretch up to twice its original size without tearing or cracking. Driven by a proven formula, this spray-on liner is able to bond with a surface at the chemical level, leaving your surfaces smooth, rigid, and ready to take on the worst.

Impact Resistance

Paint can provide basic protection for your truck bed, yet it does little to resist the damages from impacts. Dropped items, sliding gear, and a variety of other issues can leave cracks and tears along your paint, sabotaging its effectiveness and leaving your metal vulnerable to corrosion. Studies done by LINE-X for their ULTRA spray have found that the LINE-X application was 15 times stronger than powder coating or acrylic paint. Our spray-on liner is able to resist pressure and impacts much better, conforming to your truck’s surface for complete protection.

Enhanced UV Protection

Over the years, continual sunshine can begin to break down the finish of your vehicle’s paint. UV damage can be very problematic for humans, and when it comes to their rides, the issues can become very costly. Drivers who opt out of repairing their vehicle’s finish will be left with a dull, uneven finish that only serves to decrease the resale value. Powder coating applications can provide considerable protection from the sun, but bear in mind that your surfaces will eventually begin to discolor and fade.

LINE-X provides a superior alternative to any spray-on liners in the business, delivering quality UV protection for every surface. This product’s aliphatic qualities ensure that the color of your finish is protected from the sun’s rays and subsequent fading. Our Williston customers are happy to receive the best protection over other liners in the industry, and can often benefit from our expansive design services.

Endless Design Potentials

Customers looking for custom car designs can benefit from the color and versatility of all three finish options. Paint can be infused with different materials to add depth, and powder coating services can infuse a bright finish for any vehicle.

The design qualities of LINE-X sprays seem to only be limited by the imagination. Our truck accessories team can install this car coating quickly and precisely, leaving you with an ideal visual to match the lifelong protection. Alpine Truck Accessories can provide different textures, thicknesses, and colors to highlight and enhance the look of your off-road machine. LINE-X coatings are here to deliver lasting results, increasing the beauty, protection, and overall value of your ride.

Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to stop by our truck shop in Williston for your LINE-X service!