Many drivers across North Dakota rely on their trucks to make life easier both at work and at home. Whether you rely on your vehicle on the jobsite or you utilize it on the trails, it pays to take care of your truck’s bed for long-term versatility and convenience. If you rarely think about the condition of your bed, now may be the perfect time to invest some love and care into it to create the best value. Alpine Truck Accessories and LINE-X of Williston are here to provide ideal results for vehicles across North Dakota. You can rely on our protective coatings to deliver unsurpassed quality and protection.

We’re here to help customers make the most of their vehicles for both professional and recreational endeavors. Today, we’ll highlight a few ideas that can inspire you to do more with your truck bed. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to stop by our shop for the best truck accessories and customer support!

Create a Bed Caddy

You may rely on the bed of your truck to transport bulky items, but the occasional potted plant or can of spray paint can end up rolling away during transit and make life a hassle. Instead of leaving your unsecured items to bounce or slide around in the back, turn instead to a bed caddy for easy organizational success. Drivers can find a range of these products available online or at their local truck shops. If you feel like doing it yourself, you can measure the bed of your truck and build a simple divider system to provide a safe place for small items that prefer to roll away.

Deploy Storage Solutions

Another way to secure your small, loose possessions is to place them in a storage system. Many drivers have personalized their trucks tool boxes and other storage options. Storage systems secure and organize your items while keeping the elements out. You can elect to install boxes along the bed of your vehicle or create a personalized system to accommodate your needs.

If large storage is more important than the depth of your truck bed, drawers may help keep everything tidy. You can install two large drawers that run flat along the bed of your truck, with smaller compartments within each for personalized convenience.

Create Bed Access Points

Accessing certain points of the back of your truck may prove to be a real pain if the proper precautions aren’t taken. We suggest planning on different spots to gain access, coordinating between truck accessories such as your side steps and tonneau cover for an ideal result.

If you decide you do not need to invest in our truck accessories to help you gain entry into the bed of your vehicle, you may be able to make do with a little ingenuity. Some contractors have a designated shovel while others utilize paint rollers, extension grabbers, and more to provide easy access to items that slid out of reach.

Truck Lighting

Lighting may prove to be the perfect truck accessory for your work and play activities. LED strips, for example, can provide ample illumination for all of your outdoor activities, whether you’re camping overnight or unpacking after your last excursion. Truck bed lighting can be installed with ease and without a high price tag.

Invest in a Protective Coating

The bed of your truck can be as useful as you want it to be, but keep in mind that normal use will likely cause a lot of wear and tear of the years. One way to protect your vehicle’s surfaces is to invest in a LINE-X coating from Alpine Truck Accessories. Our LINE-X shop in Williston delivers uncompromising protection, keeping your bed safe from scratches, dents, gouges, rust, and more. We’re confident that we can deliver an ideal result for your vehicle’s needs, relying on the best LINE-X sprays and truck accessories to outfit your vehicle for a lifetime of success.

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