You’ve just purchased your new truck, and you’re excited to put it to the test. After loading the bed up with cinder blocks, shovels, tools, and a wheelbarrow, you remember something — there is no protection for the surface of the bed. Upon coming home, you oust all of your gear and check the surface for signs of damage. Trucks are intended to be used as work vehicles, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to protect your vehicle for the long haul!

LINE-X of Williston and Alpine Truck Accessories are here to provide the best results for every driver. We specialize in protective coatings and rugged truck accessories for work and for play. No other spray-on liner or protective coating available in the market can match the beauty of LINE-X, and when this polyurea sprays is applied by our professionals, you can expect decades of quality use.

Many new truck owners put protective liners at the top of their priority list. The sooner you find a spray-on bed liner or cover to meet your needs, the better off your truck bed will be. Do you really need a LINE-X bed liner? Keep reading to find out!

Truck Bed 101

Despite using your truck on a daily basis, you may have never considered just how much wear and tear is placed on the bed of your truck. If you spend your time hauling concrete or masonry tools around or you are constantly moving landscape materials across town, a protective bed liner is highly recommended. Drivers planning on subjecting their trucks to light use on the road or on the trail may not consider the value of a protective coating, but keep in mind that sooner or later those damages will add up.

Unprotected truck beds sustain damage, period. From minor scrapes and scratches to random dings, dents, gouges, and more, this surface will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. Over time, the exposed metal surfaces will begin to oxidize and rust. Corrosion is the enemy of automobiles, and should be protected against to ensure long-term vehicle quality!

Can I Use a Drop-In Liner?

Drop-in bed liners are a simple and cost-effective way to provide protection to the bed of your truck. These rigid materials are a strong barrier against impacts and scratches, and can obscure any existing damages. However, it’s important to remember that any leaks into or out of the bed liner may result in unwanted damage.

One concern about ill-fitting drop-in bed liners is their inability to allow trapped moisture and debris to escape. The vicious truth behind this problem is that grit, sand, and gravel can become trapped beneath the rigid surface of your liner. These contaminants will grind against the surface and wear down its protective layer. Once this exposed metal comes into contact with the trapped moisture, corrosion is sure to follow.

Will My Rolled Steel Truck Bed Be Enough?

Unfortunately, the base material of your truck bed will likely hold little value in terms of long-term resistance to wear and tear. Aluminum, steel, and composite beds are all designed to provide a basic level of protection, but do little to protect from damage. After that first trip mentioned earlier, you may already see signs of abuse!

Won’t Other Spray-On Bed Liners Work the Same?

DIY bed liner sprays have become a popular weekend project in recent years, yet many consumers cite a lack of quality when compared to products such as LINE-X. Why? Two reasons: These products are not engineered to be as versatile as LINE-X sprays and the long-term quality of the project will depend largely on the skills of the installer. You may be able to save a couple of bucks investing in a DIY solution, but is your new truck really worth the risk of an aesthetic nightmare? Another issue is durability, which depends largely on the preparation process.

Factory-installed spray-on coatings may look good out of the shop, but over time, weather and heavy use can begin to take their toll. The truth is that other spray-on liners offer a basic level of protection but fail to deliver long-term results.

Try the Power of LINE-X!

  • Ideal defenses — LINE-X is rated to provide super protection. No other spray-on liner offers the same tensile or shear strength by a long shot!
  • Seamless protection — The seamless bond afforded by LINE-X coatings help to keep moisture and chemicals at bay, as well as superior rust protection. This also helps to prevent stains.
  • Long-lasting results — LINE-X sprays are designed to last for life and permanently bond to your vehicle. Your bed liner will outlast any other aspect of the truck!
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage — If your bed liner begins to crack, bubble, or flake, you can bring your truck into any authorized LINE-X dealer in the country for fast and free repairs. This is one quality warranty!
  • Versatile — If you plan on adding a tonneau cover, camper shell, or tool box to your truck bed, LINE-X sprays are form-fitting and can be used with nearly any add-on.

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