How long will my LINE-X installation take?

Many drivers are excited to outfit their truck with the best polyurea coating on the market, but don’t want to worry about the downtime. Luckily, LINE-X can be installed, and fast!

A majority of the time to install LINE-X will consist of the preparation phase to ensure your truck bed benefits from the best cohesion. Our spray-on bed liner dries in less than five seconds, eliminating any drip concerns. Typical projects can take between two and five hours, so plan on leaving your truck with Alpine Truck Accessories for the day.

When can I make use of my new truck spray-in liner?

Once you leave our shop, you can begin to benefit from the beauty and protection of your LINE-X coating. However, our professionals recommend waiting at least 24 hours before putting your truck bed to the test!

How is LINE-X installed?

Our non-porous, hybrid polyurea truck liner is designed to provide ideal protection that starts at the chemical level. Our LINE-X professionals can deliver top-notch results in five simple steps:

  1. Taping — Once everything is clean, our team will rely on quality measures to create clean, sharp lines along every contour of your vehicle.
  2. Etching — Our team will then sand the bed of your truck and degrease it to create a prepared surface.
  3. Application — Alpine Truck Accessories will then heat the LINE-X spray to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, lowering the viscosity for a better finish and finer texture.
  4. Reassembly — Once everything is done, the vehicle will be de-masked and all hardware will be reinstalled.
  5. Final Touches — We will affix a LINE-X sticker to your trucker and apply a warranty tag to ensure you are covered.

How much will my spray-in bed liner weigh?

The total added weight to your truck will depend on the thickness and size of your bed. LINE-X sprays weigh roughly .7 pounds per square foot when applied at ⅛ of an inch thick, meaning your total weight addition will likely end up around 50 pounds.

It’s important to keep in mind that the strength of your bed liner is determined by the mixture of the product, not the total thickness. Williston drivers can benefit from LINE-X because it is ultra-thin and consistent across multiple applications.

How is LINE-X so beneficial?

Simply put, no other spray-on bed liner delivers the same level of quality as LINE-X. Our team offers this industry-leading material for many reasons, including:

  • Unmatched durability
  • Excellent protection from chemicals and stains
  • Textured surfaces that absorb sound
  • Ideal impact and scratch resistance
  • Factory-quality finishes

Can you LINE-X more than my truck?

Yes! LINE-X coatings are intended for use on prepared metal surfaces, but can also be applied to wood, concrete, and other suitable materials. Alpine Truck Accessories specializes in industrial coatings to keep all of your valuable equipment safe, ranging from farm tools to prep stations, railways, and more!

Are there more color choices than black?

Yes. Customers wanting to personalize the look of their vehicle can invest in LINE-X XTRA, featuring custom color options. You can make your truck appearance pop with vibrant colors such as yellow, green, blue, and red.

Can I install truck accessories over my LINE-X surfaces?

Yes! The smooth, seamless finish of LINE-X coatings ensure that all of your truck accessories, including toppers, toolboxes, tonneau covers, and more can fit just as they did before. While special cases do exist, LINE-X tends to deliver ideal results with no holdups.

Will LINE-X fade in the sunshine?

While we want to say that our protective vehicle coatings are made to be perfect, the truth is that years of sunshine will eventually lead to fading. You will not have to worry about worrisome discoloration or chalkiness, but keep in mind that years of quality use will result in a duller shine.

LINE-X is still rated to be among the best options for long-term beauty! If you’re looking for a stable UV coating, you can rely on LINE-X PREMIUM, featuring an aliphatic topcoat for ideal protection.

Is LINE-X eco-friendly?

For those worried about the dangers of sprayable liners, LINE-X relies on zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and zero chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). This fact alone makes our LINE-X coatings ideal forindustrial applications, potable water storage, food preparation surfaces, and more!

Is my LINE-X bed liner warrantied?

Yes! LINE-X spray-in bed liners come with a National Lifetime Warranty, meaning you can come into one of any LINE-X dealers across the country for complete repairs. If your coatings begin to crack, bubble, for flake, our team will be happy to provide fast and effective solutions to get you back on the road.

How can I maintain my LINE-X bed liner?

Regular care should keep your truck bed shining and clean for years to come. Soap and pressured water should be enough to clear away gunk and debris. If you do wish to wax your vehicle, we recommend using a liquid wax to minimize any discoloring.

How can I maintain my LINE-X bed liner?

Regular care should keep your truck bed shining and clean for years to come. Soap and pressured water should be enough to clear away gunk and debris. If you do wish to wax your vehicle, we recommend using a liquid wax to minimize any discoloring.

Alpine Truck Accessories can offer maintenance advice to ensure you benefit the most from our LINE-X services. We can suggest polyurethane coatings to keep the surface glossy and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Can I contact you for LINE-X services?

Yes! Alpine Truck Accessories of Williston is available Monday through Friday to answer questions and schedule appointments. Our professional team can deliver comprehensive quality for any project. Contact us today for complete assistance. We look forward to helping you improve your truck!