Drivers looking for the very best protection for their trucks can invest in the sure quality offered by LINE-X coatings. LINE-X ULTRA is your aliphatic polyurea coating designed to provide 360 degrees of protection. This Body Armor series is here to serve as the ultimate LINE-X spray-on liner available, relying on proven technology and tested results to ensure that you leave our shop happy.

Proven Results

LINE-X sprays have been tested worldwide, from rugged off-road trails to active battlefields. If our protective coating can be trusted to coat ballistic plates of armor, then it is likely ready to protect your truck from a thousand different sources of damage. LINE-X Ultra is designed to provide the ultimate protection from all of the dents, dings, and gouges associated with heavy use. If you plan on harvesting big game or hauling scrap concrete, it pays to rely on a spray-in bed liner with proven results.

Extreme Protection for Any Environment

From harsh desert environments to frigid mountaintops, LINE-X Body Armor is here to deliver rugged results. You can take your truck anywhere with this protective coating, keeping UV rays and damaging contaminants at bay. Taking on the dunes this summer? Check. Testing your truck along the Blue Buttes? No problem. Take on any adventure with confidence, and make the most of your investment, with long-lasting results from our LINE-X team.

Ideal Aesthetics

LINE-X ULTRA is more than just a name — it’s the ultimate form of protection. This is due to the fact that you receive more than a simple coating. Drivers can benefit from seamless contours and professional looks perfectly customized to their vehicle needs. LINE-X coatings are applied at high temperatures under high pressure, cooling quickly to ensure no dripping occurs. The result is a professional finish that will look great for the life of your truck. Looking for matching colors to further enhance the look of your ride? Ask our team about LINE-X’s color-match technology. 

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you have a brand-new truck ready for a lifetime of protection or you have an older vehicle in need of a quality coating, LINE-X of Williston is here to provide guaranteed quality. We are proud to stock the best truck accessories and services built for the challenges of the North. Learn more about the value of our LINE-X coatings to see if this coating is the right choice for your needs. 

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